Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rotated Manifold for the shop Subaru

Mar 07

We got the manifold all rotated and the front mount in, we had to remove the water meth injector to match the powder coat. Once the powder coat was finished we got the custom pipes and intake back over to PDX Tuning so they could put it all back together. The custom piping along with Perrin's fuel rails were all shot the same candy red as the water/meth tanks. The intake, TGI's and PWI-1 got shot a wrinkle black. There was plans to do more but time and money ran out so that will have to be a later project.
Without being around their shop much during the fabrication of the pipes and the rotating of the manifold I can't fully grasp all the work that went into it, but you can tell by the details in the pipes and routing of the new lines that it wasn't easy! Keeping the car totally functional with the AC poses a huge problem when rotating the intake, custom spacers were used from a previous build ( Thanks Kendrick!! ) that allow the pipe to get up and over the alternator (which was moved as well)
I can't thank the guys enough, Chris and Dustin (PDX Tuning) put in some long hours and detailed work to get everything dialed looking great for us. With PDXT just getting a new dyno and Subiefest right upon us we didn't get a chance to have the car tuned, Jarrad got it running with the new 16g and we'll be back to get her dialed when time allows. Can't wait to see how it does!!


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