Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rounding Up The Rest Of The Demo Car Build

July 06

Well, at least for now we've completed the demo car for the summer, I'm sure it will change a few times for sure. We added Some Tein coilovers, Tein controller, and ran some power wire and other little goodies. We figured pulling the door off would allow us an easy path for running wire, which happened to be three seats of 16 ga wire, and three seperate sets of primary wire for future expansion (window control, door lighting etc). The wheel well was removed to run our two sets of power wires, and any other wires needed for the tein controller. We also added a pigtail in the back for hooking up to an inverter to run the car for shows.

Wire run pictures

Here's some pics of the Tein controller being molded into the ashtray area, pretty tight fit, but we managed to squeeze it in there. It got a bit heavy on the texture for our liking, but once it was tucked in it looked all right.

Cascade Audio on the doors

Battery Cover

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