Thursday, September 14, 2006

PDX Tunings' Legacy Build

Sept. 06

Jarrad from Pdx tuning felt it was time to redo the current system in his Legacy to get a bit more of his company's logo out there, and make the system a bit more representable. The first system that was in there was done by a local car stereo shop, they apparently had no problems with using the heaviest materials available. The enclosure was made from a fiberglass mix that is extremely heavy, it saves time, but isn't the best way of doing a lightweight fiberglass enclosure, in fact, the old enclosure weighed in at 37 pounds empty!! Our new version was 16 pounds, quite a bit of difference when you go to the track. The second thing that needed fixing was the wiring, there was more spaghetti in there than olive garden. Whoever worked on the car before had never heard of zip ties.
Jarrad also wanted a gauge pod made to house his defi gauges, he didn't like the double stick approach for mounting them to his dashboard. He already had an existing wire hole ran through the upper vent, so we had to come up with a gauge pod that could also cover up that wire run.
All the gear he had he wanted to use, and we had no problem coming up with a simple and elegant design after scratching our heads for a bit.

Before shot of gauges

Mock up

Glassed and spot filled


Existing enclosure

Wiring mess

Start of the rear trunk build

Finished Pics