Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another Subaru for Project One

Feb 08

Erich from project one brought us down his 04 Wrx, after doing many shows, he met up with some guys at Memphis Audio, they agreed on getting him setup with some gear. Since the car wasn't a daily driver, and has a harness bar, we were left with plenty of room to play with in the trunk. The car has a v-brace strut bar in the back which complicated things, but also helped out with some design cues. We decided to go with a floating theme of sorts. The crossovers located in the v-brace appear to be floating, and you can run your fingers between them and the brace all the way around the brace. The amps were mounted in a welded panel that was bolted to the car which helped off set the weight and give us a floating look. One of the overlooked areas in most cars is the battery area, erich wanted a clean looking setup without wires running in all directions. We made a panel that held the fuse holder out of black plexi to match the car.

On with pics: