Saturday, July 5, 2008

Perfect Fit™ Enclosure for 05+ Mustang released

July 08
We finally got the enclosure done for the newer 05-08 Non-Sirius Ford Mustang, we had a million different directions we were going while working on this, so it took a while to get the mold going and finished, but it's done now and ready.

Internal Airspace: 1.13-1.16 cubic feet
Mounting Hole Dia: 11 inches
Weight: 15 lbs.
Flush Trim Ring inside Dia: 11.25 inches

Each Enclosure comes with: Flush trim ring wrapped in black vinyl, high quality terminal cup with the ability to accept up to 8 gauge speaker wire, 3 to 4 feet of 12 gauge Phoenix Gold speaker wire for inside the enclosure, pre-drilled hole for mounting, mounting hardware with instructions, stuffed with polyfill sound dampening for smoother bass response, and Audio Integrations Full Warranty.
No Drilling Required!! This Perfect Fit Enclosure mounts firmly to your Mustang with only one bolt! We do provide a second mounting bolt and hardware if so desired for an even more secure mount. Once bolted down with the included hardware, your enclosure won't be going anywhere no matter how crazy you drive! Using a factory hole in your trunk and our pre-drilled hole in the enclosure it makes for an easy and stealthy install. The mounting hole in the enclosure is standard unless otherwise requested.  An install video can be found here.

On with some pictures: