Sunday, April 8, 2007

Pdx Tunings' Fj Cruiser gets some sound

April 07

Jarrad from Pdx Tuning wanted some better sound in his Fj cruiser. The Fj was limited in it's room available, and jarrad would probably use the vehicle to haul engine parts for subarus, so we knew a false floor would be out of the question. The next logical choice was the ceiling! It's a ton of work working upside down, shoulders and neck take a beating. We went boston gear, and an alpine ipod unit. The amp rack was welded up and mounted, and then a panel fabricated from fiberglass was made to cover things up. The enclosure housed two 10's and was sprayed with a rhino liner covering. He wanted easy access to the ipod, so we devised a nice little slide out tray, a favorite amongst those who see it.