Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lightweight Subaru Dash For Pdx Tunings' time attack Sti

October 07

Pdx Tuning needed to lose as much weight as possible on their time attack car. They approached us about possibly making a fiberglass replica of the dash, some headlight blanks, and some bigger canards for the bumper. Time was short so we got on it as fast as possible, and smoothed the dash out filling the airbag clock pod and all vents, then we went about building a fiberglass mold. All said and done, the new dash weighed in around three pounds, down from eleven. The headlights weighed in around ten pounds, and if I remember right we got the covers down around a pound a piece.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Perfect Fit Enclosure released for 06+ Civic sedan

Sept 07

The 06+ Honda civic sedan 10" enclosure is here. This one was a bit difficult to make due to the trunk arm swingin down into the enclosure area. We rounded the whole enclosure off and gave it some nice lines to flow with the car.

Enclosure Specifications:

Internal Airspace: .85 -.90 cubic feet
Mounting Hole Dia: 9.125 inches
Weight: 14 lbs.
Flush Trim Ring inside Dia: 8.875 inches

Each Enclosure comes with: flush trim ring, high quality terminal cup with the ability to accept up to 8 gauge speaker wire, 2 to 3 feet of 12 gauge Phoenix Gold speaker wire for inside the enclosure, pre-drilled hole for mounting, mounting hardware with instructions, stuffed with polyfill sound dampening for smoother bass response, and comes with Audio Integrations Full Warranty. No Drilling Required!! This Perfect Fit Enclosure mounts firmly to your Honda with a bolt! There are two mounting options, so no matter how crazy you drive your enclosure won't be going anywhere. Using a factory hole in your trunk and our pre-drilled hole in the enclosure it makes for an easy and stealthy install. We also have an instruction Video found here





Saturday, July 28, 2007

R32 Skyline Build

July 07

One of the more rare cars we've worked on is this 89 Skyline GTR. When it came to us, it had a bit of dinginess going on in the trunk, most of the panels were dirty, so we decided to fiberglass a whole new trunk. We also did a battery cover/holdown, which apparently we only have one finished picture of it, and what a great picture it is. Anyway, we used existing gear from another car, and went to work. A lot of time was spent just trying to get all the panels just right. The hole to the left of the woofer was put there in order to let the woofer breathe into the cabin area. We finished in time for the customer to leave here, and drive straight to hot import nights.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lexus Soarer (SC300)

June 07

This build out was another somewhat basic one, besides the glassing of the bottom of the enclosure in the wheel well, there was a bit of glass work on the cover panel, but for the most part it remained flat, which definately helps on install time and difficulty. Customer brought us his two Jl amps, and an Image Dynamics Idmax 12, very impressive woofer. We had done a build for his other car previously, and had built a plexi grill, and he wanted something similar this time.

On with pics:

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Silverado build part #2

Starting off with a little bit of the electrical...