Tuesday, February 13, 2007

07 Mini Cooper gets quiet while getting loud

Feb 07

A lot of pictures here, usually we try to grab as many as possible but it usually ends up with us taking half as many as we wanted, or none of the finished product. Anyways, this customer wanted a quiet vehicle, and a loud stereo. We used sevral bulk packs, and dynamatted the whole vehicle except for the headliner. Fingers and knees were sore for days after that. Gear wise, were some of the pioneer seperates, JL 300/4, and 250/1, and a 10w3. We raised the floor a bit to allow for the gear, but also to try and match the height of the seats when they are folded down so the customer would have an even flat floor. The amp rack also swings up out of the way for access to the battery.

On with the pics:

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